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Annual Fleet Report

This report is similiar to the Monthly Fleet Report(MFR) except the date range is from the first date to the last date of previous year for both SQ7 Custom Report NO. 7539 and the current report.

  1. In SQ7, run the Custom Report, 7359 "Fleet Management Cost", and go to File, check Export to CSV, set date range to the previous year, and then click on Print Report. It will save a file in the specified folder.
  2. Open the exported CSV file in Excel, format all numberic columns by removing the comma seperator, so that "12,345.89" becomes 12345.89, for example:
    CSV Sample
  3. Keep the first 9 rows as is. This procedure expects these header rows though they will be skipped in the final report.
  4. Save the file to the local folder, for example Downloads that it can be uploaded for processing
  5. Make sure that Start Date and End Date matches the date range used in Report 7539
  6. Click on the Browse button and browse to the recently modified file.
  7. Wait for the process to complete. At the prompt, save the file. The new file layout is based on the MFR Report Version 3.5.