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Oklahoma State University
Big Orange Bus

Parking and Transportation Services

Employee StandBy Request Form

Employee Detail
Letter From Director or Department Head

The letter from Director or Department Head must be on Department Letterhead, and it include information below.

Faculty Standby Application

  1. Instruction Status
  2. Detailed and complete instructional schedule include Days of week, time of class and Campus (Tul/Stw)
  3. Office address including campus

Staff Standby Application

  1. Staff or Employee Status
  2. Work assignment: Office Address including campus
  3. Regular work days/hours
StandBy Rules, Terms and Agreement

Employee Standby Rules

  1. This card does not guarantee a seat on the Tulsa Shuttle.
  2. Seat availability is determined after all paying customers have boarded.
  3. If seats are available, this card must be shown each time you are allowed to board the BOB.
  4. When presenting this card, an OSU ID will be needed to verify identity.
  5. This card is only valid for the name on the card. If used by another party, this card will be collected by Tulsa Shuttle Personnel.
  6. This Card is only valid for the Semester in which it is issued.


  1. Please refer to Policy and Procedures 3-0513
  2. The university will allow faculty and staff who are commuting from their residence to the primary place of work to ride the shuttle bus at no charge on a "walk up" and "space Available" basis.
  3. Specifically, faculty and staff riding on a walk up or space available basis may ride only after all other paying customers have been seated and the driver determines that an open seat is available.
  4. Alternatively, commuting faculty and staff who desire a guaranteed seat on a specific bus run are eligible to secure a reserved seat at the established fare.
  5. Trips made on ineligible days are subject to regular bus fares.
  6. TA and Graduate Students do not qualify.
  • I have read the terms and agreement. Agree to follow the above rules and certify all required information is accurate and valid. Failure to follow these rules will result in the collection of this pass and will disqualify me from future applications.