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Motor Mool ARUPLOAD File Format

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The purpose of this form is convert a BRS Export file from SQ7 to the correct Banner_AR upload format so that it can be uploaded to Banner.

Before using this form, be sure inspect the source file and make sure its contents are valid. Once the conversion is complete, the converted file is downloaded automatically to the DOWNLOAD folder in the local computer.

  1. Click on the Choose File button to browse to the location where BRS Export file is stored.
  2. Click on the Convert button.
  3. The converted file is stored in the DOWNLOAD folder. Open the file if it is not already open and inspect its content
  4. Upload the converted file to Banner

Select BRS Export file to Convert

Sample 1: (Original File)

        64AA12345678NM01A20236     999945000060000D                                                AI#V999945RC99929 
        64AA12345678NM01A20236     999945000067070D                                                AI#V999945RC99929 
        64AA12345678NM01A20236     999945000002400D                                                AI#V999945RC99929 

Sample 2: (Converted File)

BRS files are uploaded to ARUPLAOD via AIRS.OKSTATE.EDU.

        OSU   A12345678202360NM01       60000V999945  OSUTS-Lease V999945RC99929
        OSU   A12345678202360NM01       67070V999945  OSUTS-Lease V999945RC99929
        OSU   A12345678202360NM01        2400V999945  OSUTS-Lease V999945RC99929