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Oklahoma State University
Transportation Services

Parking and Transportation Services

Motorpool Exports and Reports

Motorpool area is primarily for formatting or appending additional information to reports or exports generated by SquareRigger SQ7. They all follow the same general procedur. Because these procedures depends on SQ7 exports, it is important to review these procedures whenever there is change in SQ7.

  1. BRS converts the BRS export file from SQ7 to the correct Banner_AR upload format so that it can be uploaded to Banner.
  2. FRS inserts an additional service date to the FRS export file from SQ7.
  3. Monthly Fleet Report (MFR) appends additonal fleet detail such as VIN, Tag, Make, Model etc to the custom export, 7359 from SQ7.
  4. Annual Fleet Report is similar to MFR, except that its date range covers the previous year. The MFR report has two columns that summizes previous calendar year's meter readings.