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Motorpool FRS File Conversion

The purpose of this form is to convert a FRS file exported from SQ7. It inserts a "Billed Date" description and a "UnitID" to each record.

The date can be the Billed Date for Work Orders, the CheckIn Date for Motorpool, and the Fuel Date for fuel.

The original file name must include the export date and it must be last 8 characters in the format of yyyymmdd proceeding to .txt, for example: FRS_20180802_Export_20180802.txt

Files older than 6 months will be deleted automatically.

  1. Browse to the location where FRS Export file is stored.
  2. Click on "Add Invoce Dates" button.
  3. It automatically inserts a date to each record and downloads the converted file.
  4. Open the file if it is not already open and inspect its content
  5. Send the file to FIM or upload the file directly (to be implemented)

Select a FRS Export file to Convert