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Motorpool FRS File Conversion

The purpose of this form is to convert a FRS file exported from SQ7. It inserts a "Billed Date" description and a "UnitID" to each record.

  1. Click on Choose File, and browse to the location where FRS Export file is stored, for example, Q:\VTracker\AIExport\FRS_Exports.
  2. Click on "Submit" button.
  3. Open the file if it is not already open and inspect its content. Each file must have at least three lines: A header, A detail and A footer
  4. File content in any other format is invalid.
  5. Here is a sample of file format.
  6. Copy the converted to Banner Finance\Motorpool.

FRS File Sample

FRS Files are uploaded to the Banner Finace\Motopool folder (V:\Drive).


        MPL             120230807 
        MPL             2J25 0V155676000000024064MVSS-Repair     W0948730  V955676  C  1      123456      987454
        MPL             300000576000023412412